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August 02, 2019 2 min read

5 Best Tips When Fishing For Bass - The Fishing Adventure

1. Fish Covered Area

You have to first locate them. Bass are ambush feeders. You have to find a covered area on the water you are fishing. It can be rocks, trees in the water, grass, boat docks, etc. Start by fishing these zones to find where the fish is.

Bass Fishing Tips - The Fishing Adventure

2. Lure Options

You can catch Bass with many types of baits, including on the fly. They are really fun to catch on a fly rod. Lures for Bass on a spinning rod include plastic worms, jig, dropshots, spinnerbaits, crankbaits or jerkbaits.

If you want to catch bass on the fly, some of the best flies are wholly buggers (Olive and black), muddler minnow, closer minnow, or poppers. Check out our article about The 6 Best All Around Flies Ever.

3. Vary your bait retrieve speed

Varying the speed you retrieve your lure can often trigger Bass to attack. Whether you are Fly-Fishing or Spin Fishing, strip or reel at different speeds on the same cast. You can even take a pause before to change the speed of your lure. Give it that extra action, you won’t regret it! 

5 Fishing Tips - The Fishing Adventure

4. Catch them on Topwater

Catching Bass on topwater is pretty much the most exciting thing for many anglers. You can catch them with a variety of topwater baits like poppers, frogs and jitterbugs. Again, take a pause every few seconds to make that popper « pop » and drive bass crazy. There’s no doubt that a strike on topwater will make your heart pound!

5. The Weather Impacts

On shining days, Bass tends to hide behind structures. On cloudy days, they tend to be willing to expose themselves to feed and are more active. The weather is the first thing that will tell you where to search for Bass and what bait or technique to use. If you want to learn more, check out Dan Smith’s website howtocatchanyfish.com.

Best Fishing Tips - The Fishing Adventure